A Durable, Rugged, Modular Server Storage Rack Solution

by Kremco - on Tuesday, July 04, 2017
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To all IT personnel and business owners running their own servers on site; do you have an odd space that requires a sturdy and modular racking system? 

No need to worry about any racking or skewing in your frame. All of our components are engineered to straighten out even the most minute variations for accurate and precise assembly every time.

Our easy-to-install standard corner brackets create a mechanically locked joint, efficiently anchoring your supports to withstand extreme abuse in all climates.

A Durable, Rugged, Modular Server Storage Rack Solution

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About Kremco

About Kremco

Expanding on the ANGLE-LOCK technology we originally patented for the folded carton industry, we've spent over five years developing and perfecting a completely new structural aluminum framing system aimed at maximizing the strength of our extruded profiles by creating mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart even when subjected to heavy industrial vibrations. The Controlled Dynamics rapidly-expanding product line is the realization of this effort!